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"I am incredibly passionate about voice education and helping voice teachers become successful"

John Henny

A Training Program To Help You Grow!

The entire program was designed based on voice teacher and singing industry feedback on what is needed to impact their students and business positively. The CVTA program provides professional development for Voice Teachers, including progressive course training for continued growth as a teacher.

"John Henny teaches how the voice works and how to solve problems effectively by understanding acoustics. Everything I learned is a breakthrough in my teaching career! Thank You!"

Karen D.
Voice Teacher/Mexico

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Tried and Tested Training

Everything You Need to Start Teaching Voice

I have trained hundreds of voice teachers all around the world and some of my previous students are incredibly successful teachers working with superstars in their countries.  With CVTA, I have taken my years of experience and put them into Contemporary Voice Teacher Academy.

CVTA courses will take you from the fundamentals of teaching to advanced concepts such as working high belt and vocal acoustics.

Course modules include:

Teaching Fundamentals – Learn the Teaching Triangle and keep your lessons successful

How the Voice Works – Get the essential knowledge of voice production

Vocal Registration – Why those pesky cracks appear and how to solve them for students. Being able to do this alone can make you very successful.

The Teaching Toolbox – A breakdown of all the tools you need to get great results.

Assessing the Voice – How to quickly diagnose the voice so you can make rapid improvement

The First Lesson – Best practices to start lessons on the right foot

Vocal Science – The essential understanding to make you a knowledgeable and effective teacher

Advanced Teaching – Where teaching gets fun! Help good students become great!

Coaching Material – Working songs for maximum benefit

Vocal Health – How to keep your students healthy and singing

PLUS! Ask Me Questions - You are not alone! You can ask me questions in each lesson of CVTA and I will personally answer!

Special Bonus #1: Masterclass Recordings ($500 Value)

Get access to essential Masterclass recordings. These bonus deep dives include:

Coaching Material for Fast Results

Vocal Acoustics Deep Dive

How to Teach Mix

The Tongue and Singing

Essential Listening Skills

SPECIAL BONUS #2: Join Now and Receive PIANO FOR VOICE TEACHERS for FREE! ($197 Value)

This brand new course will give you the essential skills to play piano for teaching and accompaniment.

Stop relying on inefficient backing tracks or pre-recorded scales for your lessons and START PLAYING PIANO!.

Special Bonus #3 Course Completion Testing ($500 Value)

When you have completed the core course, take the Certification Test to display your new knowledge and skills!

BONUS #4: Get More Students Course ($129 Value)

Get the step-by-step method and discover:

How to attract your dream students

The right way to blog

Your ultimate revenue engine (most teachers get this wrong)

Creating passive income

Ascension and profit growth

Passive income


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"John's has taken me from having never taught a voice lesson to being an in-demand teacher"

Paul Tauterouff
Binghamton - NY

"John Henny's CVTA is a tremendous resource. The information is exactly what you need to quickly become and excellent, effective teacher. Highly recommended!"

Andrew Lane
Norwalk, CT

"I'm sure this will be the voice teachers Bible! "

Kristjan Virtic

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