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Build Marketable Skills

Get instant access to the full CVTA certification course. Become a top-notch voice teacher with step-by-step online lessons. 

Get Personal Training With John

John will answer your questions within the course personally. You can also get private one-on-one coaching with John.

Grow Your Business and Profits

CVTA has trainings to help grow your studio and help you earn what you are truly worth.

Hello, I'm John Henny

My personal mission is to help 1,000 voice teachers become successful - both in their voice teaching skills and student results, but financially as well.

I've helped train hundreds of voice teachers around the world and now I've brought everything I know about teaching to my on-line course.

I also provide monthly trainings to help you consistently increase your skills AND make more money. From the latest in voice science to Facebook ads and profitable studio policies. Your success is my main concern.

You can also receive one-on-one coaching from me, through the private CVTA Community Forum.

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