SINGERS! Are You Frustrated Learning to Belt?

Boldly Belting uses a revolutionary new method to to get you belting high notes quickly and easily!


Do You Dream of Nailing the High Notes?


Have you been told that belting is dangerous, or not every voice can belt?  I'm here to tell you that is wrong.

My name is John Henny and I have been teaching singers (as well as other voice teachers) how to develop a strong belt for over 25 years. My students include international superstars and Broadway leads.

I have had great success teaching students to belt with vocal exercises, but I found students had difficulty using these new balances in songs.

I realized that exercises, while very effective, are often processed as sounds disconnected from language and melody. This causes the student to struggle when dealing with actual music.

In response to this problem, I have created Lyricizes (lyrics + exercises). These specially composed mini-songs use specific vowel, consonant, and melodic choices that will guide your voice into belting balance.

No more being stuck in exercises - you will improve using fun-to-sing songs!

I have also included backing tracks so you can work these songs in your own voice.

I am so confident you will love Boldly Belting that I am offering a full 30-day money back guarantee!

Start boldly belting with lyricizes and unleash your powerful belt to the world!

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Understand Belt

Easy to understand lessons will teach you the science of belt so you can know how to adjust your voice


Custom songs will naturally guide your voice into belt coordinations without getting stuck in exercises

Full Backing Tracks

Fully arranged backing tracks allow you to practice your belt anytime


Lyricizes to Build Your Vocal Skills the Fun, Musical Way!

Mike Abbass

"I've had a breakthrough using Boldly Belting!  The vocal world has opened up to me, and I am now singing effortlessly in a balanced way (my voice can go for days now without fatigue). It's not an overstatement to say your work has changed my life for the better!"

This course has been designed for advanced beginners to very advanced. 

Boldly Belting was designed primarily for female singers, however, there are backing tracks for men as well.

These specially designed songs will help you solidify your chest (lower) and head (upper) registers, and then will teach you to bend them together into a mix or middle voice.

From there, the Lyricizes will increase in intensity as you start to bring in your belt.

Not to worry - easy to understand lessons in belt acoustics will give you the knowledge to diagnose and fix your vocal imbalances.

Yes! Boldly Belting will be updated and improved based on your feedback. Let me know how I can make the course even better by reaching out to [email protected]. I read all feedback personally.

While I believe Boldly Belting is a groundbreaking approach to this style of singing, I know not every course is for every singer. Try the course risk-free for 30 days, and if you are not completely satisfied we will give you a full refund - no questions asked.

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Bridge the Elusive Gap Between Exercises and Songs

Your natural belt voice is waiting to be discovered. Let Lyricizes guide you to vocal power and start nailing those songs you dream of singing!

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Try Boldly Belting Risk-Free for 30 Days

If this course is not for you, simply let us know within 30 days for a full refund.

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