Get Certified in Vocal Science

Understand Your Voice and Gain Greater Control of Your Singing

What's This Course About?

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The New Science of Singing 

Learn practical vocal science in an easy-to-understand online course.  All concepts are presented to be practicle and applicable to your singing or teaching.

Get Certified

This extended course includes certification testing.  Pass the test and receive your custom certificate with your name and issuing date.  You can download to print or share on your website.

Show your new knowledge off to other singers or your students.

Bonus Vocal Exercises

Course includes vocal exercises for both men and woman.  These exercises are specially designed to get you applying these concepts into your singing right away.

Vocal Science Finally Made Simple

Have you ever been able to sing great one day, and then it's a disaster the next?

Do you struggle with your practice sessions?

Are you confused about what exercises you should do?

Do you want to unlock this mysterious instrument and figure out what's actually going on?

Would you like to be able to fix your own vocal issues without constantly having to run to a voice teacher?

This is the course for you!

This On Line Course Covers:

  • The vocal anatomy you NEED TO KNOW, explained in plain English
  • What muscles you need to control
  • Understand breathing and support
  • What vocal resonance is and how to control it
  • Why vocal breaks occur and how to eliminate them
  • What formants and harmonics are and how they make the difference between sounding awesome or awful
  • How to use vowels to bring out your full voice
  • How to break down vocal exercises,understand them and use them correctly
  • Vocal exercises to put your new knowledge into action

This course will give you complete knowledge of your voice, in simple, easy-to-follow lessons.

You get 24 video lessons, plus the audio downloads and PDFs of all the lesson material. Includes a bonus section of vocal exercises, each one explained fully, so you can practice and learn correctly with your new-found scientific knowledge.

This course also includes TESTING and CERTIFICATION.

Get access now for just $497.

Learn the Science Behind Your Voice

Gain control of your singing and teaching now