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This is the Course I Wish I Had!

The New Science of Singing will give you what you NEED to know to be a better singer or voice teacher

The biggest breakthroughs in my teaching and singing came when I understood WHY my voice was behaving (or misbehaving), which gave me the answers to fix singing imbalances and to create more vocal power with less effort.

There is nothing more frustrating than hitting a vocal issue and not knowing what to do - cracking, poor tone, lack of range or power - there are specific reasons why any problem is occurring and VOICE SCIENCE can give you the answers you need to become the singer you want to be.

Vocal exercises are not enough because you need to know the RIGHT exercises for your voice. In order to find those exercises you need to know WHY these issues are happening - you need to get to the root causes.

Cracking on a note can have different root causes from one singer to another, therefore using the same exercises or fixes on these singers will not yield the same results - in fact the wrong "fix" can make the voice worse.

I knew voice science held answers I was looking for, but I was intimidated by everything I read.Ā  It seemed to be written for other scientists - not for me, my level of understanding, or my issues.

IĀ have completely updated The New Science of Singing with all new content.

These lessons have been distilled from years of masterclasses, presented to teachers and singers all over the world. These lessons have been utilized by hundreds of singers and teachers to help improve their own understanding and control of the singing voice.

By breaking down the essential information into bite-sized video lessons, and then cementing the information with comprehensive certification testing, the New Science of Singing 3.0 will help you:

  • Understand registration and fix vocal breaks
  • Develop strong, high belt notes
  • Expand your range
  • Eliminate strain
  • Create a full range of vocal tone and color

I've also included a bonus section of vocal exercises so you can work these concepts into your voice.

In addition, you can ask me questions directly within the course and I will personally answer.

All of this will give you essential vocal knowledge with online lessons you can access from any of your devices, 24/7.

Join hundreds of your fellow singers and voice teachers by learning the New Science of Singing and start eliminating vocal problems accurately.

And to remove any risk - I am offering a full 30 day money back guarantee - no questions asked.

If the course does not help your singing and understanding of the voice, just let us know and you will receive a full refund.

I trust you will find this course as helpful as the many graduates did.

Thank you,

John Henny

Praise for The New Science of Singing

"Excellent insight and super helpful for me." Kiki T.

"This is really mind-blowing. Thanks John for sharing this amazing information." Eileen T.

"I'm loving this course!" Elizabeth C.

"Great material and clarity of difficult concepts. Thanks!!" Luis F.

"I absolutely love the visuals you give for each aspect. I am a very visual person and this helps me so much in the total comprehension of the material." Kelliann F.

"I've just completed the course! Took a wholeeee lotta love notes and I think I want to go through this entire course again. Seriously considering becoming a vocal teacher..." Aliz A.

"Wow. I never thought I was really interested in the science of singing because I'm not interested in teaching, only singing itself. I was worried it would be too much terminology. I just wanted to 'be improved' by someone else who knew the science themselves! But you explain things soo well and I can already see the benefits as a singer understanding this stuff for myself! Thank you :)" Amanda

The New Science of Singing

Learn practical vocal science in an easy-to-understand online course.  The course is being newly updated for 2023!

Get Certified

This extended course includes certification testing.  Pass the test and receive your custom certificate with your name and issuing date.  You can download to print or share on your website.

Show your new knowledge off to other singers or your students.

Bonus Vocal Exercises

Course includes vocal exercises for both men and woman. Ā These exercises are specially designed to get you applying these concepts into your singing right away.

Watch a Sample Clip

Here's part of the lesson on Vocal Resonance.


Vocal Science Finally Made Simple

Have you ever been able to sing great one day, and then it's a disaster the next?

Do you struggle with your practice sessions?

Are you confused about what exercises you should do?

Do you want to unlock this mysterious instrument and figure out what's actually going on?

Would you like to be able to fix your own vocal issues without constantly having to run to a voice teacher?

This is the course for you!

This On Line Course Covers:

  • The vocal anatomy you NEED TO KNOW, explained in plain English
  • What muscles you need to control
  • Understand breathing and support
  • What vocal resonance is and how to control it
  • Why vocal breaks occur and how to eliminateĀ them
  • What formants and harmonics are and how they make the difference between sounding awesome or awful
  • How to use vowels to bring out your full voice
  • How to break down vocal exercises,understand them and use them correctly
  • Vocal exercises to put your new knowledge into action

This course will give you complete knowledge of your voice, in simple, easy-to-followĀ lessons.

This course also includes TESTINGĀ and CERTIFICATION.

Get access now for just $399!

Learn the Science Behind Your Voice

Gain control of your singing and teaching now