Special Discount for Teaching Contemporary Singing Readers!

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Piano for Voice Teachers

Get the Piano Skills You Need to Teach Effective Voice Lessons

Piano Made Simple

Get the essential knowledge and theory you need to teach effective lessons at the piano keyboard

Learn Teaching Scales

Learn popular and effective teaching scales to vocalize your students

Accompany Your Students

Use sheet music and chord charts to create dynamic accompaniments

The Piano You Need (and nothing more)

The Quickstart Piano Course Developed by a Voice Teacher for Voice Teachers

From John Henny:

Dear Voice Teachers (and serious singers): This is the course I wish I had when I was learning to teach - the basic piano skills you need, without any extra fluff or theory.

I created Piano for Voice Teachers because I have found a number of teachers (and singers) who struggle with their piano skills - unable to accompany students (or even play scales for vocalizing) relying on prerecorded scales and karaoke tracks, which slows down the lesson and reduces their efficiency.

I am now making the course FREE to anyone who wants to effectively use piano in their teaching or practicing.

Let's make this a productive time and get your piano skills working!

Watch Sample Lessons from the Course


Who Does This Course Help?

New Voice Teachers

Get your piano skills right from the beginning.

Established Teachers

Stop relying on recorded scales and karaoke tracks and get the piano skills you need.


Accompany yourself with scales and chords  - added plus, start writing music with your new skills!

25 Video Lessons

Concise, easy-to-understand lessons that will take you from absolute piano beginner to playing along with your voice students.

Lessons Include:

  • The very basics of playing piano (no prior experience necessary)
  • Scales and triads (learn the keyboard roadmaps)
  • Arpeggios (the building blocks of exercises)
  • How to play teaching scales (get control over creating vocal exercises)
  • Chord inversions (key to playing accompaniments)
  • 7th chords (understand these important musical colors)
  • Slash chords (complex chords made easy)
  • Understanding keys (the musical landscape)
  • Breaking down vocal riffs (we cover the building blocks of most vocal riffs and runs)
  • Basic and advanced grooves (start accompanying your students!)
  • Using sheet music (we make this easy)
  • Figuring out songs by ear (how to find the musical clues)
  • And more!

Get Piano for Voice Teachers for just $97 (Teaching Contemporary Singing Readers save $100!)


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