Want to Learn How Belt Really Works?

Get the Secrets of Belting and discover how to safely harness your true vocal power.


This online mini-course will give you the essential knowledge to start belting the right way.

  • Discover the important difference between belting and shouting.
  • Learn the secrets of vowel tuning.
  • Uncover the resonance strategies to supercharge your vocal power.
  • Start applying these powerful concepts to songs.

The Secrets of Belting contains 6 quick, easy to understand lessons that will give you the essential knowledge to start incorporating high, intense belt into your vocal arsenal.

Gain Essential Knowledge

Understanding how belt works gives you the ability more quickly master your instrument

Learn to Harness Your Vocal Power

Discover why strong belt is not about working harder

Discover Techniques to Belt Safely

When done wrong, Belt can be a dangerous vocal style. Learn the basics of SAFE, yet powerful Belt.

The Secrets of Belting

Get instant access to this 6 lesson mini-course and get ready to belt away!


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