Self-Study Resources for Voice Teachers

Choose your course of study below from short and concise to in-depth and intensive.

Teaching Contemporary Singing Book

A #1 Amazon Bestseller! This book will take you through my complete system for teaching effective contemporary lessons. Free online resources are included to help you with your study.

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FREE Teaching Triangle Course

This FREE video series will show you my Teaching Triangle, the method I use to keep lessons on track and focused.

Learn how to diagnose and fix voices quickly.

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Secrets of Belting Mini-Course

Teaching singers to belt is one of the primary challenges of contemporary voice teachers.

This concise mini-course will explain how belt works and give you a deeper understanding of this popular vocal style.

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The New Science of Singing 2.0

My MOST popular course! Hundreds of singers and voice teachers have learned the basics of voice science with this in-depth course.

This course includes certification testing. Pass the test and receive a certificate to print and show your clients you take your craft seriously.

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