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FREE Straw Warm-Up Course

Vocalizing through a straw is the current rage for singers. But how do you know what type of straw to use and how to warm up properly?

This free course will give you the how and why of warming up through a straw and will help get your voice ready for singing!

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Secrets of Belting Mini-Course

This concise course will give you all you need to know to understand belt and how to achieve maximum power with minimal effort.

Grab the course now for just $17!

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Boldly Belting - My Ultimate Learn to Belt Course

Have you noticed the problem of going from exercises to songs? This is one of the bigger challenges of learning to sing - singing actual songs.

Boldly Belting features a unique and revolutionary approach to this problem - CLICK BELOW to learn more.


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The New Science of Singing 2.0

 My MOST popular course! Hundreds of singers and voice teachers have learned the basics of voice science with this in-depth certification course.

Understanding how your voice works can save you time and frustration - learn to sing with knowledge and confidence.

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Teaching Contemporary Singing Book

A #1 Amazon Bestseller! Although written for voice teachers, a number of singers have found insights into how to train their own voices.

Written in an easy to understand manner for all levels.

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